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Even With all the Rain the Drought Isn’t Over

Saw an interetsing article in the AJC, from over a week ago: It Takes More Than This To Break The Drought

The weather has gone cold and dry and looks to be that way for the next 5-6 days, but long terms it’s anyone’s guess if the more normal winter weather returns w/ increased rainfall. December was extremely wet and helped rebuild Lake Lanier quite significantly. However, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division says the ban on all outdoor watering won’t be changed for communities that depend on Lake Lanier for their water until the lake returns to normal.

“It actually takes four months of all drought indicators to be normal before we can move out of a proscribed drought level.”

So it might be quite a while before the drought is officially over.

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45 Responses to “Even With all the Rain the Drought Isn’t Over”

  1. Chicken Little Says:


    can’t we go back to making predictions about dead pools?



  2. RichS Says:

    This blog started around mid October of 2007 (going by the archives). Even with our nice gains, the level of lake Lanier today is slightly lower than it was on the day the Atlanta water shortage blog came into existence.

  3. soccer guy Says:

    Been following the site for about a year. What is the status of lake lanier. Needs to be updated

  4. Dipchip Says:

    LL current status: look here on the hour.


  5. Chicken Little Says:

    “water shortage” my tailfeathers

    Snow Mountain is now open for your “pleasure”

  6. WTH? Says:

    I don’t know who’s the bigger irritant, the board troll, or the moderator who lets him waste space here.

  7. Chicken Little Says:

    DEFINITELY the moderator.


  8. Outdooring Watering Ban to Stay in Effect in Georgia (AtlantaWaterShortage) - LeakBird Says:

    [...] (Original Article Here) Tags: atlanta water shortage, ban, georgia, leakbird, outdoor watering [...]

  9. Prootwadl Says:

    In case anyone hasn’t heard about this or read it on the AJC site:

    Feds: Atlanta can count on water from Lake Lanier

  10. Chicken Little Says:

    Prootwadl Says:
    January 24th, 2009 at 10:27 pm

    In case anyone hasn’t heard about this or read it on the AJC site:

    Feds: Atlanta can count on water from Lake Lanier

    you mean the water shortage is over?


    now that’s CHANGE I can believe in!

  11. Prootwadl Says:

    There is no witch, only Zuul. :)

  12. rkolter Says:

    You know, I could have sworn that Chicken Little had promised to leave our site forever.

    Anyhow, no court is going to issue an injunction against Atlanta to stop them from taking water from Lanier. I don’t see how the Corps deciding they have the authority to release for Atlanta has any impact overall. Maybe it lends a little weight to Georgia, maybe not.

    So what happens to AWS if the lake does refill completely?

  13. Admin Says:

    Good question rkolter about the status of this blog if the lake does refill completely. I’m open to taking this blog in a number of different directions – I could continue to make periodic posts about Atlanta weather or go a slightly different direction. What would y’all like to see posted on here?

  14. dreidson Says:

    if the lake were to fill up, or at least fill up to the point where its really not a compelling issue, maybe the site could convert to general Atlanta area environmental issues. Sort of a global warming, alternative energy, ecologically friendly issues site.

  15. Admin Says:

    I like the environmental angle. Personally I’ve been very interested in climatology – especially temperature change. Alternative energy also interests me, especially wind energy as well as electric cars. I’m happy to post about a few of these topics occasionally if y’all would like to hear about it.

    As a side note, I enjoy this blog as well: http://www.Icecap.us

  16. Chicken Little Says:

    Prevent the coming poultry shortage!


  17. Water We Waiting For? Says:

    If Lanier fills completely, it might be interesting to keep track of population growth and water supply.

    What is the carrying capacity of Georgia with no more new reservoirs and current usage per person?

    Maybe you could make something like a debt clock or a Bush-out-office countdown clock.

    No matter what you do, I’ll probably leave soon if this infant is allowed to continue to make this blog his personal Romper Room. Can you imagine anyone from the Army Corps of Engineers or a University or the state legislature or national media coming to this site and seeing these infantile posts and insulting responses to posters here and thinking they are part of the regular discourse of people here?

    Do you see them taking this blog seriously?

    I understand CL is a lonely person, but is anyone allowed to come here and post anything? What do half his points have to do with the topic of water supply in Georgia?

    Most are just “attempts” at humor, unrelated quips (see above), insults and other pathetic, “Look at me!” posts.

    He thinks you people are his friends.

    How very sad.

    And annoying.

  18. Don Says:

    We need to cut chicken little some slack. It turns out he is homeless with a seventh grade education living under the exit ramp on 85. In order to post he goes to the library and the lady’s let him in the back door to use the computer. He try’s to be funny but being mentaly challanged it dosn’t come accross so well. He has a vested interest in the lake as this is where his best friend died, dumpster diving, very sad. What we need to do is encourage him to be all he can be. The man works very hard at fitting in, this site is his only connection with life above the under pass. Perhaps we could all pitch in and send him some money because according to the new admin he needs it more than us normal working stiffs. So come on CL show us just how low some one can fall on their face!

  19. Tommy Says:

    I loved this blog posting , I think its great that you have brought this issue up in a diplomatic way. Its a story thats oh so true – after the rain there is STILL a shortage of water ! Keep up the great work :)

  20. eweatherby Says:

    I see all of this talk about the level in Lake Lanier being over 1050+ feet.

    But no where does it state what the highest level the lake should be at.

    Error in omission? I think so

    So in order to know what progress we are making doesn’t it make sense to know where we should be at?

    Just the SIMPLE Facts

  21. Mariner Says:

    Google “Lake Lanier Georgia Statistics”. You’ll find all the information you need about lake levels. To answer your question, full pool at Lanier is 1071.0 MSL. As of today, the actual level is 1064.94.

    Since your post in March, the lake level has risen over 6 1/2 feet.

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  35. av installation Says:

    Coming from the northeast, I’m used to the clear water of glacial lakes and love swimming in them. However, I’ve heard that Lanier is a ‘dirty’ lake.

  36. Fever in Toddlers Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with publicly traded companies, except when they run a country’s vital infrastructure. That’s why people are drowning in swollen rivers one minute and dying of thirst another.

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  44. Coal Briquetting Plant Says:

    This weblog began around mid Oct of 2007 (going by the archives). Even with our awesome profits, the stage of pond Lanier these days is a little bit reduced than it was on the day the The atlanta area water lack weblog came into lifestyle.

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